Phaco method is one of the most preferred methods in the treatment of cataract. This method is popularly known as the laser cataract surgery. In this treatment, ultrasonic wave powers are used instead of laser beams. Thanks to the technique, the cataract can be cleaned with a surgical incision of 2 mm and intraocular lenses can be placed at the same point. This very small incision does not require stitches and heals spontaneously. There is no suture in the phaco method like in classical surgery, so this method is also called as seamless method among the public.


Before phaco method, the patient is examined. As a result of these examination, it is analyzed whether the patient is suitable for the method. If the patient is suitable for the method, he / she is informed and an appointment is made. The patient can be operated on the same day after the examination and can be discharged immediately after the operation. As a result, the patient can return to his / her daily life quickly.

What are the steps of surgery?

First, some drops are dropped to the patient before the surgery and preliminary preparations are performed. Then the patient is taken to the operating room. The patient’s surgery is finished in about 20 minutes. In the phaco method, the eye is entered through a 2.2 mm incision. Since the natural lens and the artificial lens will be replaced in the treatment of cataract, the natural lens should be carefully removed from the eye. For this, Viscoelastic Gel is used during surgery. In this way, the natural lens of the patient is removed in a comfortable way. The natural lens breaks down into the eye. With the aid of an ultrasonic sound emitting device, the natural lens is removed. Instead, the artificial lens, which will provide the person’s vision, is placed inside the eye. The surgery of the two eyes cannot be performed on the same day. Because the operation of the two eyes at the same time, may expose the risk of infection. Therefore, the operation of the two eyes should be performed in two separate days. The most important advantage of the phaco method is that it promises an operation that takes less time than a laser treatment.


  • This operation takes approximately 15-20 minutes in total
  • Since it is made using a special microscope, the patient feels nothing in the process.
  • The incision is very small and does not disturb the integrity of the eye.
  • Postoperative vision is clearer than conventional surgical methods.
  • The recovery of the operation is quite fast.


There are steps to be considered after the phaco method. After application of the method, the doctor will tell you about these points.

  • The operated eye should not be rubbed or scratched.
  • Never put pressure on the eye
  • Do not lie on the side of the operated eye.
  • The operated eye should not be contacted with water and soap.
  • In windy and sunny weather, it is essential to wear eye patches and safety glasses.
  • Hard physical movements should be avoided during recovery
  • Do not drive without your doctor’s approval
  • Postoperative controls must be performed
  • Medications given by the doctor should be used regularly


Postoperative recovery time is very short. Since a small incision is used in the method, healing is accelerated. The patients control checkup is the day after the operation. In the first days, the vision may be blurred. Everyone’s healing process is different. A few weeks later, visual acuity improves. After the surgery, your doctor will prescribe a pair of glasses that you can use if you need them. You will also have to use eye drops after the surgery. Before using these drops, hands should be washed thoroughly. According to the information given to you by the doctor, you must comply with the hours you will use the drops. It is essential to continue the drops during the day. You don’t need to wake up at night for this.