Femtosecond laser technology has emerged as an invention that greatly increases the success rate in surgeries. The femtosecond laser technology, which is the biggest invention of the eye surgery in the recent years, has enabled the ophthalmologists with high dexterity to perform very successful operations.

Medical conditions should be evaluated firstly in patients undergoing cataract surgery with the help of femtolsecond laser. Accurate biometric measurements are an important consideration before this method.


Femtosecond Cataract (femtosecond laser) is anesthetized by eye drops during surgery. In this way, the operation is carried out without narcosis, pain and is bladeless. With this method, the most important stages of the surgery are performed without the use of a knife, which eliminates the risk of complications. With this method, a multifocal lens is placed into the eye. In this way, far and near vision problems are eliminated. With the imaging techniques of the method, the computerized surgery can be performed more easily and quickly. The stages of the surgery can be classified as follows:

Planning phase: First of all, an examination and planning is performed before the operation. The corneal thickness is measured and the lengths and locations of the incisions are planned.

Numbing: After planning, drops are putted into the patient’s eye and numbness is achieved.

Fixation: Afterwards, vacuum is applied to fix and visualize the patient’s eye. The patient does not feel any pain during this process.

Disintegration: All incisions and lens disintegration are then performed for about 50-60 seconds.

Lens placement: In the final stage, the remaining particles are removed, and the new intraocular lens is placed.

In femtosecond laser method, the duration of the whole operation is approximately 3-5 minutes. If possible, the patient should be talked and communicated during the operation. Different algorithms can be applied during the treatment with the help of femtosecond laser. This is considered as one of the most important advantages of the method.


  • One of the most important steps in cataract surgery is the correct preparation of the capsule. The capsule is cut through the femtosecond laser in the most accurate way, ensuring that the lens to be put into the eye is shaped properly.
  • Before the artificial lens is placed in the eye, the natural lens into the eye must be broken. This process can be done with femtosecond laser in the most comfortable way. With this method, your doctor also has the chance to make a comfortable cleaning.
  • Femtosecond laser does not damage the surrounding tissue during the disintegration of the natural lens. In addition, the lens can be removed in a shorter time than conventional methods.
  • Although the operation lasts longer with the Femtosecond laser method, because it is a cleaner procedure and provides a sharper vision, is a more advanced method.
  • Femtosecond laser is unfortunately not a treatment modality for all patients. This method cannot be applied in patients with very white cataracts, lens position changes, and where the pupil is not dilated sufficiently when there is a partial whitening of the cornea. It would be the right decision for patients who have such problems to have an operation with phaco method.
  • Small effect and damage to surrounding tissues
  • The patient can return to normal life immediately as he / she will recover in a short time.
  • Smoother and sharper incisions are made.